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Characteristics of Personnel Training

 Innovating the long-term efficient mechanism of college-enterprise cooperation education

 Strengthening the consciousness of the two teaching subjects

 The high quality technical application talents of closely cultivating

 The teaching models of “the combination of learning with working”, "working and learning alternation", “college-enterprise cooperation education” are mainstream of personnel training innovation for vocational schools to foster high-quality technique talents and the only road for the higher vocational schools’ reformation and development. In this respect, our college takes its place in the front ranks of the nation. Since our college entering the higher vocational school in 1998, we have taken the leading in reforming the model of the personnel training and starting a lot of models of the personnel training, such as the "1+1","2+1","2.5+1.5" qualified personnel training mode with cooperation of the college and the enterprises to cultivate construction-oriented, competency-based, product-finished talents to meet closely need of the markets. After decades of exploration and innovation, the college gradually perfected a “college-enterprise cooperation education” system and "2+1" qualified personnel training mode which are popularized all over the country and achieve remarkable success, so the graduates we trained out are prevalently accepted by society and enterprises. The main reasons of the above phenomena are the college & enterprise’s two teaching subject action, the building of the long-term efficient mechanism of college-enterprise cooperation education and producing a win-win situation for college and enterprise initially.

 The specialized personnel training model of the national demonstrative key majors:

 The specialized personnel training model of the “3-in-1 combination” involving learning, doing and working in the Civil Engineering Technology Major

 Further perfecting and designing deeply, The Civil Engineering Technology Major created the specialized personnel training model of the “3-in-1 combination” involving learning, doing and working based on the basic mode of a “college-enterprise cooperation education” system and "2+1" qualified personnel training mode. In addition, the major also built the teaching models of the combination of learning and doing, dynamic teaching and scenario simulation on the basis of taking the projects as the teaching supporters. Teaching process is divided into two stages of teaching according to the classification of the knowledge and the law of knowledge transferring. The first teaching stage lasts two years in which teaching on campus is mainly finished by means of the alternation of the leaning and doing, teaching scenario simulation and job-specific simulation and the cooperation of college and enterprise. In the first stage, teaching methods of action-oriented of task-driven and case teaching are used to cultivate the student to master the basic knowledge and learn the professional skills and basic special skills; the second stage lasts one year in which students are sent to do post practice in the front line of production of construction, thus, in the real working situations , students will feel real working environment and real enterprise culture, moreover, the professional abilities will be promoted further and form the professional abilities from every aspects. Finally, the product-finished talents are trained out and make the “easy employment” come true.

 The “1234” special personnel training model of Municipal Engineering Technology Major

 For the national construction and the development of Heilongjiang Province, the Municipal Engineering Technology Major tried to reform and innovate the personnel training model to meet the need of the industries or enterprises and built the special personnel training models of “the combination of working and learning”, “program-oriented” and “dual-certificate” on the basic framework of the "2+1"qualified personnel training mode with cooperation of the college and the enterprises. The “1234” special personnel training model of Municipal Engineering Technology Major contains “one mainline”(cultivating the students’ professional abilities and qualities), “two subjects”(college and enterprise), “three systems”(basic teaching system, practical teaching system and quality teaching system) and “four combinations”(the combination of the education on campus and on enterprise; the one of the teaching contents and the professional abilities’ requires; the one of curriculum setting and business standards; the one of learning and working). “The combination of working and learning” runs through the whole process of the personnel training; “program-oriented” carries out the program-oriented curriculums and action-oriented ones in the learning field; “dual-certificate” encourages the students to take part in the professional qualification test to gain the qualification certificates in the meantime they gain the college degree.

 The “3-in-1 combination and pentad complex” special training model of Construction Decoration Engineering Technology Major

 In the first academic year, Construction Decoration Engineering Technology Major establishes the curriculums based on the drills of basic skills, and the curriculum structure is formed by knowledge, technique and skill; in the second academic year, the major makes the students’ finish the learning of the professional courses based on the engineering projects. In this stage, training process fills with the culture of the combination of college and enterprise, the curriculums of the combination of knowledge and skills, the teaching of the combination of working and learning, the integration platform of production and teaching, the teaching staff of the integration of teachers and other working people. The major enforces the “1+1+1” special teaching model which takes the project-oriented, comprehensive practical training and post practice as the mainstream. In order to train the students’ post competence of construction decoration engineering and meet the need of the working post with the practical training, in the two-year’s teaching process, the major enforces the teaching model based on training one post abilities in the construction decoration engineering program and the program-oriented teaching method runs through the whole teaching process. Based on the single ability training, the major sends the students to enterprise to practical training in motion. Only the students reach the standard of the vocational abilities, do they the post practice.

 The “program-oriented teaching + the post practice” special personnel training model of Heat Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology Major:

 To support the "2+1"qualified personnel training mode with the college-enterprises cooperation and to train the hi-tech talents, on the basis of researching the local construction installation industries and the talents demand of the air conditioning enterprises, the Heat Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology Major builds the training plan which is made of the project construction group formed by experts, technical backbones in enterprises and professional teachers and taken the professional engineering program as criterion in line with the knowledge, ability and quality needed by the working post. The major establishes the teaching mode of “program-oriented teaching + the post practice” taking 3 programs as a core, 7 practical training projects as supporter. The teaching mode analyzes the demands of personnel training on the knowledge, ability and quality, identifies the core abilities of the occupation and the knowledge structure needed by the vocation post, decomposes the knowledge points of the curriculums, and integrates the related common required course, specialized fundamental course and specialized courses with the inherent logical relations in line with the professional qualification standards and the knowledge and skills which are to master according to the professional engineering projects. Through enforcing of the programs, the cultivating of the students’ comprehensive professional competences is strengthened; through post practicing on the spot and the way of a qualified worker teaching apprentice, the students’ comprehensive professional abilities and qualities have improved from every aspect. Finally, the object of close training has been come true.

 The special personnel training model of Construction Electrical Engineering Technology Major

 Construction Electrical Engineering Technology Major has carried out the “2+1” personnel training model of “the combination of the program-oriented+ determined post”, innovated the task-driven teaching modes, built the special curriculum system and personnel training plan which takes the professional ability as the core and the practical teaching as subject, adhered to the road to develop the intension, set up the practical environment which meets the demands of the major construction and the professional abilities training on campus in line with the combination of teaching, learning and working and further consolidated the close relationship between college and enterprise to establish a continuous cooperation mechanism of mutual benefit and reciprocity to make the teaching thoughts of action-oriented and the communication between college and enterprise run through the whole process of the personnel training model and the reform of the curriculum system.